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New Year, New me

Posted: 01/02/2013 in Uncategorized
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I fucking hate it when people say that! No, bitch you’re not a new person because the clock struck midnight. You’re not Cinderella, so calm your tits. Anyway, I decided I’m going to start blogging again; I’m not sure what I will be talking about, but I’m sure it will be as stupid, vulgar, and pointless as ever.


So these are the places I recommend checking out while in Austin.

The War Horse.  Nice contemporary rock bar with pretty female bartenders (if that’s your thing) with heavy hand decent priced drinks ($4 rum and coke).

Shorty’s burgers. Nice greasy drunk food.

Short Bus Subs. Fresh baked bread. Heavenly sub sandwiches made inside a short school bus. Also check out the cupcake trailer next door!!

All thrift and antique stores on South Congress past the lake (heading away from the capital)

Wild About Music. Its an amazing music store.  They have shirts, blankets, jewelry, and anything else music related. 

Lucky Lizards Unique Gifts. They have a gift shop with all kinds of cool shit. Make sure to check out the Museum of Weird in the back, its $7 per person, but it’s totally worth it.

Oh, make sure to hit up South Congress on a Saturday because there are all these cool unique vendors selling their handmade goods. They sell everything from jewelry to clothes to leather journals. There’s even one guy who buys old plastic children’s toys and turns them into pots for small plants!!!

That’s all I can remember for now if I remember any other places I will post them.

After my last blog, I showered (again) and took the bus to this art gallery called Mexic-Arte. Iit was cool, worth the $5 admission fee. Then, I hit up Starbucks and drank a blackberry hibiscus tea that was amazing. (I love hibiscus tea) After that, I went to the Lucky Lizard and went into their Museum of Weird, where there was this mini freak show and this one guy hammered a nail into his sinus cavity!!! Then the other guy grabbed a live wire with his bare hand while guy number 1 touched him with a light bulb and it turned on!!! Next, I went to the gift shop and bought a porcelain skeleton dressed like Elvis and another dressed as Marilyn Monroe. While I was at the register, I started talking to the gift shop cashier and he told me to go on south Congress passed the lake to all the shops and food trucks; he said there was other cool places that i would totally like. I went like he said and I totally did love everything!!! It was amazing, I bought this bracelet that I love! Then I went to eat at the food trucks. It was so cool. It was like a trailer park except without the Meth addicts. I ate at the Short Bus and had their Summer Vacation sandwich. It’s like a Hawaiian style pizza, but it was a sandwich. Then I decided to come back to the hotel to shower, so I can hit up the clubs ; when I realized I lost my bus pass. I had to go to 4 different ATMs because the first 3 weren’t working.  Then, the bitch charged me a $5 ATM fee. So finally, I said fuck it went to a store and got change. When I got on the bus missed my stop and had to walked back. Then, I took the 2nd bus and now I’m at my place safe, sound, and ready for a shower.

Oh, and by the way a pic of the bracelet and skeletons will be posted on my Instagram account.

Because I can

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My future husband.

This has nothing to do with Austin or my trip, but I think I’m in love with Colton Haynes (the guy in the pic, duh.)

Let it snow

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James : I can’t wait till winter. We could go camping in the backyard! With tents and everything!

Me: You can pitch your own tent, buddy

So I Don’t know if I ever told you guys, but one of my favorite pass times used to be prank calling. This is one of my calls.

Me: *breathing heavy* What are you wearing?

Other person: what? Who is this?

Me: *screaming* it’s Britney, bitch!

Then I hung up.

When in doubt…

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Google it.

Now I realize these dumbasses meant cologne, but they just said the like the way their dad’s or boyfriend’s ass smells.