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So I totally forgot to post about what happened on Saturday.  Ok I went down to 6th street because I saw this shirt on Friday but decided not to buy it because I’m a cheap skate.  But then I checked my bank account and said fuck it. Well on the way there I met this homeless guy and he started telling me where to go for drinks and shopping and food and shit. I thank him and he asks if I could buy him food and I do. But after I do I put my debt card back in my wallet and he’s gone. He left as fast as he came. It was so bizarre.  My grandma would have sworn he was an angel sent from God to test our character.  I just think he was really hungry. Anyway after that I went shopping bought 4 shirts and 2 pairs of shoes. Then I Went back to Short Bus Subs and the lady remembered me and gave me free chips!!! (They were kettle cooked and I hate kettle cooked chips, but whatever they were free) went back to the hotel because by this time it was 7 pm and I wanted to get a few more drinks before I left back to San Antonio.  So I went to 6th street and walked around until I found this bar called Dirty Dog and it was a Metal Bar (meaning it played metal music) and I was liking it until I got my drink (rum and coke) it was so watered down I was immediately annoyed and left. Then I went to this Mexican bar and grill called The Iron Cactus and according to Yelp its known for its margaritas. I went to the bar it took 10 minutes for anyone to notice me and the place was pretty empty.  Then I ordered La Muerte and nachos. First of all La Muerte tasted good I enjoyed it except for the fact that it’s alcohol content was next to nothing. Why am I paying $10 for a drink that I could have made at home? Next up the nachos, it was a total of 6 nachos with beans, a sprinkle of cheese and 1 cube of beef fajita. Seriously???? I’m used to real Mexican nachos with shit PILED on top not a skimpy sorry ass white people version of nachos!!! Again it was $10, so no I was not a happy camper. I said fuck that went back to Shorty’s grabbed a burger and went to the hotel and called it a night.