I’m going to post the rest of my Austin get away tomorrow including a interesting story about a disappearing bum and a Florida job offer that I’m obviously turning down. I’m fucking tired.  I woke up today at 7 this morning took a bus to Congress and 5th then realized that by the time I get on the second bus I will miss my ride to San Antonio so I caught a cab got on the Megabus. Finally made it to San Antonio,  walked 15 minutes to Travis Park.  Caught the bus to my house got off threw my stuff down ran out the the bus stop just for it to be late causing me to miss my second bus. Since I missed my second bus, I had take an alternative route to work. I took yet another bus then had to walk another 20 minutes for me to be attacked by a Chihuahua.  So afterimage pepper sprayed that bitch I finally arrived at work.  Just to get off and come home to realize my jackass brother never stayed like he was supposed to. What if someone broke in? All my shit would have been gone. But that’s what I get for believing him, I’m not one of his friends so naturally I don’t mean shit to him. Whatever, I unpacked and now doing laundry. Hopefully, I will be finished soon. I need sleep.


So I went down to the bars to drink a little bit maybe meet some new people. I went to a place called Speakeasy. It looked like a cool place to go to drink maybe listen to old school music or something…. no it was packed there was a bouncer and a line…. like fuck that shit. Then I was like oh I’ll to go Rain. It will be my first gay club, and what better place to do that than Austin. Ugh, no. They were all dressed up in like button up and slacks with designer shoes…. fuck that shit too. So I started walking around, when I found this bar that I swear is called War Horse. But, Google Maps can’t find it. Anyway I go in and order a rum and coke. I’m jamming to the nice rock band they had and soon enough one rum and coke turns to two then 3 and next thing I know its 12:30 and I’m 10 rum and cokes down walking (ok stumbling) to this burger joint called Shorty’s and I’m scarfing down this burger trying to sober up because I don’t want to get arrested for public intoxication. Then I walk to the hotel.  If anything else happened I don’t remember. 

So I had a moment, an ‘uh huh moment’ as Oprah would say. I was on Twitter when Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless send a tweet saying she did a video for and that we should check out there other videos. So I did mainly out of curiosity to what the fuck it was. This is what I found:

Evanescence Lost In Paradise

It’s a video of Amy Lee of Evanescence verbalizing the lyrics of the song Lost In Paradise (their new single) . That’s when it hit me. It’s the lyrics, it’s always been the lyrics. They’re so deep and dark and enveloping. When I listen to this recording I imagine I’m walking thru a dark forest all alone during the twilight hours. I almost love this more than their actual music. Maybe that’s just me. Maybe I’m mental.

Anyway, my ‘ uh huh moment’ is when I realized that the reason I love Evanescence so much is their lyrical content. It’s not like the trash I hear everyday walking the streets on my off time. I love Ke$ha, but there only so much party music I can listen to before I want to die. My favorite part of the video is the beginning when she says ”I’ve been believing i n something so distant, as if I was human.” That’s my favorite part of the song,  I think it’s the ‘as if I was human.’ part. I think it’s because I don’t feel human.



After my last blog, I showered (again) and took the bus to this art gallery called Mexic-Arte. Iit was cool, worth the $5 admission fee. Then, I hit up Starbucks and drank a blackberry hibiscus tea that was amazing. (I love hibiscus tea) After that, I went to the Lucky Lizard and went into their Museum of Weird, where there was this mini freak show and this one guy hammered a nail into his sinus cavity!!! Then the other guy grabbed a live wire with his bare hand while guy number 1 touched him with a light bulb and it turned on!!! Next, I went to the gift shop and bought a porcelain skeleton dressed like Elvis and another dressed as Marilyn Monroe. While I was at the register, I started talking to the gift shop cashier and he told me to go on south Congress passed the lake to all the shops and food trucks; he said there was other cool places that i would totally like. I went like he said and I totally did love everything!!! It was amazing, I bought this bracelet that I love! Then I went to eat at the food trucks. It was so cool. It was like a trailer park except without the Meth addicts. I ate at the Short Bus and had their Summer Vacation sandwich. It’s like a Hawaiian style pizza, but it was a sandwich. Then I decided to come back to the hotel to shower, so I can hit up the clubs ; when I realized I lost my bus pass. I had to go to 4 different ATMs because the first 3 weren’t working.  Then, the bitch charged me a $5 ATM fee. So finally, I said fuck it went to a store and got change. When I got on the bus missed my stop and had to walked back. Then, I took the 2nd bus and now I’m at my place safe, sound, and ready for a shower.

Oh, and by the way a pic of the bracelet and skeletons will be posted on my Instagram account.

Its 12 something. I’ve been up since 10. It was 94°F when I got up. WHAT THE FUCK??? I went to the grocery store to buy a bus pass and was gone for about an hour. This is my sweaty ass shirt.


That’s not the shirts graphics,  that’s my sweat. Pretty fucking gross.

Because I can

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My future husband.

This has nothing to do with Austin or my trip, but I think I’m in love with Colton Haynes (the guy in the pic, duh.)

Today started out great I took Megabus from San Antonio to Austin. I bought the tickets online for $4. <– NOT A TYPO!!!! If I was to have taken the Greyhound it would have been like $30! Also, there was free wifi on the bus. AWESOME!!!! Then it was a double descker bus. I was so excited; it made me fell all British and shit. Like, I wanted to eat fish and chips and have like tea with like milk and shit. And the bus had a socket to plug in your various devices to charge. And they played a movie. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!! THE GREYHOUND BLOWS!!!! You have to sit next to this homeless guy who hasn't bathed in months and the A/c doesn't work half the time and it ALWAYS smells like body odor and all kinds of disgusting shit! I have been on the greyhound a bazillion times and never had a good experience!!! BUt whatever, then I get on the bus and it's a bus to Dallas that stops in Austin. No problem, I get off and start to walk to my hotel. Well, until I saw a 7-11! HOLY SHIT!!! I didn't realize they were still around! So, I had to go inside and by a Slurpee. That's when I overfill my cup and it gets EVERYWHERE. So I just clean it up and go on my merry way. Well, that was only the start of my problems. I use my google maps on my phone to get directions to my hotel and i get lost. Mainly because people here don't fucking believe in fucking street signs!!! Seriously I had to use landmarks and shit to figure out where I was. So finally I get to my hotel. I try to check in, but the front desk lady told me my room was still being cleaned. No big deal, everyone loves a clean room. Well after like 30 minutes I finally get the key card to my room, but when I got there they fucking cleaning lady was still there. Now mind you, I'm tired. I'm thirsty. I'm all sweaty and gross. And I have a huge hunger headache, because I haven't eaten since like 9 and now I have to deal with this. Whatever, I finally i get setteled. and everything is good. Oh, before I forget, NEVER eat at this place called Players IT SUCKS!!! I ordered the chicken fried steak and it came out over done it was obviously one of those gross store bought ones that they just threw it in the fryer same with the fries. It was all flavorless and borderline burnt. Disgusting. But over all today was OK.