My day in a nut shell

Posted: 08/13/2012 in Uncategorized
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I’m going to post the rest of my Austin get away tomorrow including a interesting story about a disappearing bum and a Florida job offer that I’m obviously turning down. I’m fucking tired.  I woke up today at 7 this morning took a bus to Congress and 5th then realized that by the time I get on the second bus I will miss my ride to San Antonio so I caught a cab got on the Megabus. Finally made it to San Antonio,  walked 15 minutes to Travis Park.  Caught the bus to my house got off threw my stuff down ran out the the bus stop just for it to be late causing me to miss my second bus. Since I missed my second bus, I had take an alternative route to work. I took yet another bus then had to walk another 20 minutes for me to be attacked by a Chihuahua.  So afterimage pepper sprayed that bitch I finally arrived at work.  Just to get off and come home to realize my jackass brother never stayed like he was supposed to. What if someone broke in? All my shit would have been gone. But that’s what I get for believing him, I’m not one of his friends so naturally I don’t mean shit to him. Whatever, I unpacked and now doing laundry. Hopefully, I will be finished soon. I need sleep.


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