Last Friday Night

Posted: 08/11/2012 in Uncategorized
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So I went down to the bars to drink a little bit maybe meet some new people. I went to a place called Speakeasy. It looked like a cool place to go to drink maybe listen to old school music or something…. no it was packed there was a bouncer and a line…. like fuck that shit. Then I was like oh I’ll to go Rain. It will be my first gay club, and what better place to do that than Austin. Ugh, no. They were all dressed up in like button up and slacks with designer shoes…. fuck that shit too. So I started walking around, when I found this bar that I swear is called War Horse. But, Google Maps can’t find it. Anyway I go in and order a rum and coke. I’m jamming to the nice rock band they had and soon enough one rum and coke turns to two then 3 and next thing I know its 12:30 and I’m 10 rum and cokes down walking (ok stumbling) to this burger joint called Shorty’s and I’m scarfing down this burger trying to sober up because I don’t want to get arrested for public intoxication. Then I walk to the hotel.  If anything else happened I don’t remember. 


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