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Posted: 08/01/2012 in Uncategorized
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Ok, I really wasn’t going to talk about this whole chick-fil-a thing; because I didn’t want to give it more attention than I think it deserves. But on the other hand, it kinda ties into the nest topic I want to talk about. Which is people turning themselves into someone else via the internet. Yes, I realize it’s kinda laughable, because, I myself have a blog that doesn’t disclose my real name. But, the ONLY reason I do it is because I don’t want to get fired from my sorry excuse for a job. Anyway:

Ok, So as many of you know Senor Douchebag (or whatever his real name is), who is CEO (or president or whatever) of Chick-fil-a said he doesn’t believe gays should have the right to marry. I know, shocking, a “Christian” man is a homophob. (and I’m not even going to point out the fact that a 2011 study of homophobic men proved them to be aroused by gay porn when non homophobic straight men didn’t. That you can read about ) What really pissed me off is how everyone else reacted. Seriously, you’re surprised. This is OLD NEWS!!! Not even news, really. But that brings me to my next point. One of my friends totally stood up for him. Which is her right to do so, except that last year she invited me to her birthday party and tried to hook me up with one of her other gay friends (which is totally gay-cist by the way). Now this bitch wants to act all holy and shit. I don’t think so, and she’s not the only one! Out of my 40 or so facebook friends on my personal account, about half of them pretend to be all godly and shit. I’m like “Oh, please tell me how much you love Jesus after you just got done dealing (or doing…. shit sometimes both) drugs. Or having an affair with a MARRIED man, or cheating on you husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend.”

Seriously, these are actual examples of the shit people post on Facebook and I’m just like “Bitch, do you not realize I KNOW YOU IN REAL LIFE!!!!” Not that I’m here to judge them (BeLieve me when I say I have no room to judge). It’s just if you’re going to be doing these things don’t act as if you’re holier than thou, motherfucker.


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