Oh. My. Lord.

Posted: 08/01/2012 in Uncategorized
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So the other day I was in a pervy mood and was looking at the site Guys With Iphones. When I came across this pic of what looks like my friends younger brother. Now if you don’t know what GWIP is:

1. I feel sorry for you, seriously.
2. it’s a site where (mostly) super hot guys post semi-nude (or sometimes full nude) pics of themselves with their iphones.

Now that that’s been explained, let me get back to my problem. I have what appears to be a nude pic of my friend’s younger brother (who is underage BTW) burned in my head. Now, I realize that there is a HUGE like million to one chance that it’s actually him. But, what if it is really him? What do I do? How to I find out? Who do I tell? I think I’m just going to ignore this. I am NOT having that conversation with him or his brother. I don’t want to know. Not my concern. Right?……….

Oh, speaking of pics I have an Instagram. Mattlozo. Duh.


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