Today Can Suck It!

Posted: 06/27/2012 in Uncategorized

It all started last night. I heard a thunderous crash behind my apartment. I ignored it and decided I would check it out in the morning. Then I woke up to a apartment that was hotter then the pits of hell. Turns out the crash I heard was the dead tree that was decaying behind my apartment finally decided to fall, right into my air conditioning unit. I call the front desk and they said they are fixing it as we speak. I get up get dressed and put my hair gel in and my hair is acting up. I say ‘Fuck it.’ and go to the bus stop but as soon as I get there I get a massive headache from hell. But, I’m stubborn and go to Best Buy to cancel my Clear internet service anyway (P.S. Clear Doesn’t work on Mac’s. They will tell you it will, but trust me it won’t.) I get there just for them to give me a number to call, because there’s nothing they can do. I call the number and I’m on hold for 15 minutes, Then I get this lady with a SUPER think Mexican accent. Personally, I think she was faking it. My illegal coworkers don’t have accents that think. Anyway, I tell her I want to cancel my service. She puts me on hold for another 15 minutes, then she fucking transfers me to Apu from the fucking Kwik-E-Mart trying to get me to talk to trouble shooters. By now I’m PISSED, so I say “LOOK, I’ve already had a bad enough time with you guys and your crap service I just want to cancel my account. I don’t want another device, I don’t want to talk to trouble shooters, I just want to this over with. So, can you please cancel my account already.” Finally he did. Next I go to my bus stop, so I can to to Walmart, my bank, and finally the library. Well my first bus is late causing me to miss my second one. Fine I get off and start walking to Walmart. When I realize I left my phone on the bus. I just start laughing becuase there is no way for my day to get worse. I’m half way there to Walmart when I start feeling bad. My headache gets worse, my mouth and throat get super dry and by the way I’m carrying a back pack with my laptop charger and what feels like 20 lbs of change I need to exchange for dollar bills, when realize I haven’t eaten or drank anything all day and It’s 104°F. So I struggle on and finally get to Walmart and get to the Powerade Aisle and chug an entire bottle before I even realized I was in the right aisle. Then I get to the self check out lane to pay when I put my bottles in the bag the fucking self check out tells me I have to wait for assistance. The cashier get to me, then decides to give me a lecture on not drinking drinks before I paid for then and I look at her with this look that says ‘Say one more fucking word and I’ll choke the shit out of you,’ and she leaves me alone. I go to the coin star machine because I dont feel like walking to my bank after all. (Oh, and by the way the Coinstar is now 9.8 cents per dollar to use.) So I get my Coinstar recite printed out and walk the 5 feet to the customer service counter and the cash register said that it had already been redeemed! So I had to wait for a manager to call the coinstar representative, then for a code to be exchanged or some shit… blah blah blah So it finally gets sorted out just for the cashier to ope her register and realize that there is no money drawer in her register. Yup. So I have to wait again for a manager then I finally get my money. I go to Mcdonalds for them to be hella swamped  there is only one table open and its the one next to the teenage mom with 3 kids, all of whom are crying and I’m just ready to kill them all when my order is called and I just eat and leave. Here I am at the library typing this blog while waiting for an airplane to crash or a meteor to fall or something. Oh, and by the way I can’t do anything about my phone till tomorrow to see if it got turned in. If it did, I have to wait till the Wednesday after next to get it because My only days off are Sunday and Wednesdays and the bus station in closed on Sundays and next Wendnesday is July 4th and, you guessed it, the bus station will be closed…. Fuck my life


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