The magical powers of rosemary

Posted: 06/07/2012 in Uncategorized
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Juan: Julian is a slut.

Me: I know! Every time he walks I hear his vagina flaps clapping.

Julian: What??? Maybe I should sit on a rosemary bush.

Me: Why the fuck would you do that?

Julian: Because it makes a woman’s you-know-what tighter.

Me: Shut the fuck up! No it doesn’t. Where the hell did you hear that?

Julian: That’s what the women in Mexico do after the have a baby.

Yes, this is an actual conversation I had today at work. He actually tried to make me believe that women sit on rosemary bushes to tighten their vaginas. Sometimes I wonder if an the polluted water his mother drank when she was pregnant with him fucked up his brain.


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