Teen Wolf review

Posted: 06/04/2012 in Uncategorized
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Ok, this story starts last Sunday, I was awake and bored at 2 am. I start flipping through channels when I see Colton Haynes and I’m like HOLY SHIT! I had no idea he wa back on tv, he used to be on this short lived show a couple years ago called The Gates. He played a teenage werewolf who was in love with a teenage succubus. (Now you see why it was short lived)

     Anyway, I start watching and it turns out to be a recap of season one of Teen Wolf, where he plays, you guessed it, a teen wolf. So after I was finished reading Thirteen Reasons Why I tuned in. It’s a horrible show with bad writing, bad acting, just a general sense of bad. Not even the shirtless guess could make this a good show….

   Whatever, here’s the promotional poster



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