I’m quitting my job

Posted: 05/16/2012 in Uncategorized

Well, not yet. I will be soon, though. As soon as I find a new one I’m fucking out that bitch!!! I’m just fucking over it. It’s all drama drama drama. I’m sick of the secrecy and the politics of everything! It’s stupid. And now that the fired The regional chef, they are making all these bullshit rules and changing everything. Like now I have to go in at 9 am instead of 11. I know 2 hours doesn’t seem like much, but now I have to get up at 7, leave the house at 8 to be at work at 9. I have both insomnia and sleep apnea, which means I rarely sleep and the few hours of sleep I do get it’s good quality sleep, because I never get to the final stage of sleep.  But whatever, it’s just a bunch of extra drama I don’t have to out up with. Which brings me to my second thing, I deleted my facebook accounts. I had a house warming party a couple of weeks ago and literally no one showed up after they all said they would. Literally no one. It infuriated me to the point where I wanted to call each and everyone of those assholes and cuss them out, Especially, since the next day was my birthday and all those same assholes wrote a generic “Happy Birthday” like that means a damn thing to me. Oh thanks for taking 2 seconds out of your lame ass life to write something so bland and unoriginal on my facebook timeline, but not doing something that would actually mean something to me, like oh, I don’t know, COME TO MY FUCKING HOUSE WARMING PARTY! Especially, since your moronic ass said you would!  But, Sadly I didn’t call anyone and tell them off, because I realized that by doing that I would only be spreading the negativity and that’s not acceptable. So, I just deleted me facebook accounts. Why should I have a bunch of people who obviously don’t really give a shit about me an open invitation to me life? Besides all it was was a bunch of stupid whores I USED to be friends with talk shit about their baby daddies. Whatever, I’m over it.


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