I forgot to mention

Posted: 05/16/2012 in Uncategorized
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When I was at the Marilyn Manson concert, We were all waiting for the first band, some local band, when weird music starts playing and then a girl dressed up as Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Then, this fat chick comes on the stage and I’m like Ok whatever then I noticed the white ears and a poof ball on her GIGANTIC ass. Then I gaze in horror as she starts taking off her clothes… try as I might I can’t look away. I felt like crying, screaming and dry heaving all at the same time, but my body betrayed me. All I could manage to do is stare off in the distance and pray it will soon be over. It was a horrible, traumatic, life changing event. 


She stole my innocence. 


The worst part is that there were 2 more. 1 was even uglier than her and the second girl’s gut was hanging out of her gurtle. If there was a teeny tiny part of me that wasn’t gay, it sure as shit is now.


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