Whoopsy daisy

Posted: 04/06/2012 in Uncategorized
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So, I was going to post more blogs last night, but my phone started beeping because of low battery, so I went to put it on the charger, but it wouldn’t charge! I tried for like an hour and got frustrated and threw it at the wall, like I’ve done a million times, but at time a million and one it breaks…


The first thing I think it ‘Shit!’ Because my phone is also my alarm clock so I walked to the nearest 24 hour store with alarm clocks which is Walmart (which by the way is 2 and a half miles away, no exaggeration I Google maps that bitch earlier today at work) So, I walk there and back. And that’s not even the worst part, while at Walmart these assholes start blasting Drake (Which, by the way, doesn’t make you hardcore, the dude is Canadian. They don’t lock their doors, that’s how safe it is there, how hard could this guy really be?) While drag racing (traditional drag racing not Rupaul style… well maybe afterwords… not that I’m judging… much) Then I get back to my place and my neighbour’s dog won’t shut the fuck up! Whatever, I’m just glad I learned my lesson. Next time, choose an apartment with a shorter distance to Walmart.


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