Signs from God (or whatever)

Posted: 03/05/2012 in Uncategorized

So a while ago on my personal facebook page I asked a question. What is the difference between a sign from God (or whatever) and a coincidence? And a friend of mine (actually my brother’s adopted mom) said “To a believer it’s a sign from God, and to a non-believer it’s a coincidence .” And while part of that really resonated within me  a part of it didn’t as an Atheist (ok I’m not really an Atheist. I just don’t believe in God in the ‘traditional’ sense. I’m more spiritual.) I do believe that God (or whatever) does from time to time directly speak to me. Not like “Matt, this is God.” But He/She/It will do little things that will either make my day or PISS ME OFF. It will always be something little like……. Ok, on Valentine’s Day (2-14-12) I was at work making salads like usual and when I put my hands in the sink to mix the iceburg lettuce with the spring mix I feel like a twig or something so I pull it out and it turns out to be a flower with heart shaped leaves. I swear on my dog Shorty that I’m telling the truth!!! Well a week goes by and I’m  on the bus and that stupid flower pops in my head and I’m wondering to my self what kind of flower it is and where is it native to and how weird it is that I found it on Valentine’s day. Well like an hour later I’m taking a tour of these apartments and we’re walking to the model apartment when I look down and what do I see? A fucking baby lion!!! Just kidding I saw that same fucking flower in the ground, you know, being a flower. And I stop walking and say (out loud) “Holy fucking shit” luckily the lady didn’t hear me, and we continue with the tour and frankly I was underwhelmed, they were really small and shitty, but that flower was a sign from God and I’m moving into those apartments.


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