Changing Seasons

Posted: 03/05/2012 in Uncategorized
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There are a SHIT TON of changes coming my way. I’m getting my own place soon… so fucking excited and that’s great and all I’m going on my next day off to apply to these apartments that are shitty but I got a sign from God (or whatever) that that’s where I need to be so I feel like it’s going to work out (and yes my next blog will be about that said sign). I also have a budding relationship in the works and I’m super excited for an actual relationship and not one where it has to be kept hidden cuz of it’s ‘inappropriate’ nature. I mean my past relationships were always with staff members of the various places I’ve lived. For those of you not in foster care resident staff relations are the equivalent of student teacher relationships. Anyway… My current relationship is nothing serious its just a fun flirty thing now and I’m kinda liking it…. Also I have a couple HUGE surprises in the works I was also thinking of making shirts or some kind of creative project to sell and donate money to charity… I haven’t decided what charity or anything. It’s just an idea for now and I’m kinda diggin it… Also I was thinking of other things I can branch myself into…. Also I should be able to finally end my hiatus here soon since I no longer am looking for an apartment. Sweetness…


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