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I decided to reblog this because it’s not only one of my favorite blogs, but one of my most popular… so enjoy 🙂

Matt Lozo

I think I should tell you a little bit more about myself. I live with 3 roommates, well 1 roommate and 2 house mates. The obnoxious and extremely rancid Raymond, whom I already talked about, Jack, my douchey brother, and Sam, my other roommate. I also have like 20 million siblings. There’s Mark, Don, Zack, Stacy, Jack, Linda
Martin, and Andre. That’s from oldest to youngest, I’m in between Stacy and Jack. But, there are only 3 siblings you should know about Zack, Jack, and Martin. They’re the only ones I talk to on a regular basis. Oh, and there’s Vanessa, Jack’s girlfriend, and Dora, Zack’s wife. Vanessa is fucking hilarious!!! And kinda mean, but it’s super funny so it’s totally cool. Like, Jack would be telling a story and Vanessa will interrupt and say ”Shut up, stupid.” and Jack will get sad and then she will say “Just kidding.” and laugh. And naturally I…

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