Just an update

Posted: 02/23/2012 in Uncategorized

I’m still on hiatus, but I did just want to start by saying I do miss blogging. I wish I had time, but sadly I still don’t. Hopefully, soon I will have my own place and that will free up alot of my time so I don’t have to spend my free time cruising Craigslist for an apartment or duplex. Also I just remembered my old formspring account. I have had this account for years and totally forgot about until the other day, so if you want you can stop by there and hit me up with any questions. It’s http://www.formspring.me/mattlozo the beauty of formspring is you don’t even have to have an account with them, you can ask anonymously. But, I am going to ask to try to be appropriate. Like, I’m sick of getting asked questions about my foreskin. Moving on, watch that show Happy Endings on ABC it’s fucking hilarious!!!


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