I look like a WHAT???

Posted: 01/15/2012 in Uncategorized

I went to visit my good friend Tabz the other day and as some of you may know, we used to work together at the thrift store and when i quit we never see each other so from time to time I go visit her. Well, i walk in and I ask to smell the cologne behind the counter. I accidentally spray her with it. So, she leans over and pjts her tits in my face and says “Smell by boobs.” and I’m like What The Fuck, right. But then I see her manager coming, so I go to the magazine section. So, I wait for him to leave and when he does, I go back, then Bill comes over and says “Hey what’s up, Matt?” and I say “Nothing much, just looking for shit to buy.” When he says “You need to shave you’re starting to look like a VULVA.” And I’m in shock, I’ve heard some crazy shit, but never once have I heard that. and then U borderline scream “I LOOK LIKE  A WHAT???” and Bill and Tabz are laughing like no tomorrow, when Bill leans in and says “She (pointing to Tabz)  thinks I’m a pervert cuz I want someone to shit on my face.” I Look at both on them and say “I got to go.” and I leave… I’m traumatized


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