i thought i saw a putty tat

Posted: 01/09/2012 in Uncategorized
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I was spending the night at Doras and on tv they were saying people are pissed that Dakota Fanning is on the cover of cosmiopolitan magazine. Dora said that she didnt know what people were mad at because kids today know more than kids of earlier generations when they were that age. When Dora was in her early teens some guy asked if he could touch her pussy, and she said she didn’t have one, cuz SHE IS ALLERGIC TO CATS!!! I thought she was full of shit, until she said she asked her cousins what a pussy was and they explained it to her. And then I remembered a couple of years ago I had to explain what a cunt was to some 50 year old…. omg… maybe my generation is way fucked up


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