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Posted: 01/04/2012 in Uncategorized
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As some of you guys may know, I journal. Well, Its more of a scrapbook, but I prefer the word journal, I take it everywhere I go. I write everything in it so I’m HIGHLY paranoid that someone will read it. Mainly because it has all the things I can’t post here or on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Etc. (Did I forget to mention I got a Tumblr? Its ok I only posted twice…. Matt Lozo obviously) Like if I’m annoyed with someone I know  That reads my blog or I have on my other sites, Or its something I don’t want to be made public. Like if I’m seeing / sleeping with someone and it’s not anything serious then I will write it in my journal instead putting online. Anyway I wasn’t able to find a composition notebook, so I had to get a journal from a friend and I didn’t like it. I mean it wasn’t ugly …. I just didn’t care for it so i bought some scrapbook paper and covered it.

See what I mean




I used Elmer’s liquid glue, scissors, and tape. I was going to use a glue stick, like I do when I glue stuff on the inside of my journal. But, I thought if I used liquid glue it would get all wavy, like it does when you use it with regular paper, so it could get more character. And it worked!!! I’m so happy with my final product, it’s unreal!!! It’s not final final I still have to give it a title and number it, then put the  self laminating sheets to protect it. My next project is to print all my Journal entries that are on my USB drive from my older spiral journals that fell apart and put them into composition notebooks.


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