Random facts about me

Posted: 01/02/2012 in Uncategorized

Height: 5 foot 6

Virgin? nope

Shoe Size: depends on shoe usually 10 1/2

Do you Smoke? occasionally…. but only hookah

Do you Drink? duh

Do you Take Drugs? not really.I’ve noticed drugs and dreams aren’t compatible

Age you get mistaken for: usually alot older than i am… i think its the beard

Have Tattoos? yes 2 Ganesh on my arm and another one i hate

Want any tattoos? yup Jack and Sally

Got any Piercings? I think they finally closed

Want any piercings? not really i think im over it

Best friend? none im kinda a loser

Relationship status: single … trying to change that

Biggest turn ons: dimples of Venus

Biggest turn offs: smoking cigarettes

Favorite Movie: Jawbreaker

Most traumatic experience: i almost died twice

A fact about your personality: im kinda abrasive

What I hate most about myself:… i have a tendency to self sabotage

What I love most about myself: my humor

What I want to be when I get older: happy

My relationship with my sibling(s): rocky

My relationship with my parents: nonexistent

My idea of a perfect date: it would be an all day thing… first i would take you to the zoo then we would walk in the park right next door then get a bite then hit up the book store down the street then a museum then maybe a walk downtown.

My biggest pet peeves: being unnecessarily loud

What I hate the most about work: my coke head boss

Where I would like to live. in a lake house in a small town in Colorado

One of my insecurities. im not funny enough

childhood career choice. teacher

My favorite ice cream. cinnamon ice cream with almonds

Who I wish I could be. myself

Where I want to be right now. in dreamland

The last thing I ate. mint cookies

A random fact about anything….
i have to pee


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