My 5 Favorite Albums

Posted: 01/01/2012 in Uncategorized
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First and foremost Slipknot Vol. 3 The Subliminal Verses. I love that its goes from these deathly beatuiful melodies to this fast paced drums blaring screaming match between Corey and himself. The lyrics are nothing less than perfection. Devastatingly beautiful.

Second has to be Pink’s Funhouse. It catches all her heartbreak and vulnerabilities, but still some how still catches her humor and wit that we’ve come to expect from her. But, most of all you can relate to it. Everyone has had their heart broken. Its the one thing everyone has in common.

In third place is My Chemical Romance’s Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. Three Cheers played such a critical role to me. It came out when I was 14, I was a freshman in HS. It came out right as My Teenage Depression years started. It played such a huge role during that time its crazy to even think about.

In Fourth place is Haworne Heights’ The SilenceIn The Black And White. Silence came out right as My Teenage Depression was ending and at again it played a huge role in my life!!! Seriously, Blue Burns Orange and Niki FM will be forever engraved in my heart. I will only marry someone if they stand out side my window at night with a GIANT boom box and sing Niki Fm to me!!

In last but not least place is ….. The Pretty Reckless’ Light Me Up. It combines Taylor’s beautifully fragile voice with bad ass guitar riffs and beyond words drum beats, lyrics straight the soul!!! I can;t seem to find the words to describe properly what I think and feel. It blows my mind to think that Taylor is only 18 she sings with the soul of someone who has lived with lifetimes of experiance and heartbreak…. I love them….


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