My thoughts on Meth, Walmart and The Women’s Rights Movement

Posted: 12/15/2011 in Uncategorized
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i wonder what moron thought ‘Hey, you know what sounds like fun? Mixing pseudoephedrine and cleaning chemicals then smoke it.’ I’m not sure why it was even some morons thought. Because it even sounds dangerous!!! I bet the douchey jack ass dudes wouldn’t even think about doing it. It just proves me right that people are fucking stupid. Then, I was reading an article the other day about this lady who’s FACE MELTED because a meth lab blew up in her face. To be honest she was beautiful but she was pretty she looked like Sarah from The Craft. And now she looks like the blob from the movie The Blob. ( Then today I was reading about a lady gets caught making meth in a Walmart. (  Yes, a FUCKING WALMART!!! Are you serious more things have happened in a Walmart then in the plot to a Jennifer Lopez movie! A lady had a baby and lived in a Walmart. ( they made a Lifetime movie [go fucking figure] about this broad called Home Is Where The Heart Is) Another bitch pepper sprays people on Black Friday in a Walmart. Now this bitch making meth in a fucking Walmart. what’s next? Is there going to be a Quinceanera (Sweet 16 for you white folks)? I just don’t understand. Another thing why are all these people women? I’m really sure that it’s not helping The Women’s Rights Movement as you may know males get paid (on average) more than females doing the same job. And I’m sure that some man is going to read this and try to get you guys sent back to the kitchen. OH. MY. GOD. and morons like Sarah fucking Palin and her whorey daughter and bat crazy Michelle Bachmann is fucking helping….  im really not sure what im trying to say cuz its like midnight and im tired and about to go into a sugar coma but i do know that. YOU PEOPLE NEED TO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!!!


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