Lemon Head’s gone wild

Posted: 12/07/2011 in Uncategorized
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I got a notification saying someone liked my post and so I looked on their page to see if there were any posts I liked. Yes, yes there was. She was retelling her thanksgiving and how she put a porno mag on her sisters bed ( I had no idea they even sold porno mags anymore I thought internet porn was all the rage these days) and it reminded me of a similar situation. I was in high school either a sophmore or junior and I hated my roommates . (wow somethings never change) There was Herman (real name) and then there was Lemon Head (obviously not real name it was a nick name we all called him because he looked exactly like the dude on the box of the Lemon Head candy besides I don’t remember his real name) Well, Herman is gay and he black mailed his way into the staff buying him gay porn mags (and truth be told in pretty sure he gave the staff a blow job… he was kinda known for sleeping with anyone) and I found out so I stole the mags and put them under Lemon Head’s bed and then told the staff that he has drugs so that they would have to do a room search. But, for some reason instead of drugs they magically found freaky porno mags. and when he found out that there was gay porn mags under his bed. HE FUCKING FLIPPED HIS SHIT!!!!!!! He started screaming and punching shit and tryed to choke the staff. It was HEAVEN! You guys have to remember this was before the Kardashians. I had to keep myself entertained I couldn’t just turn on the TV and see a family that would be as crazy and dramatic as my wildest dreams. Needless to say Lemon Head was in alot of trouble and never did get away from the fact he tried to choke someone for finding gay porn in his bed… oh shit, I just realized this is reason number 4 for why I’m going to hell…


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