Another reason why I’m going to hell

Posted: 11/30/2011 in Uncategorized
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it’s not like i need another reason but this story is too funny not to tell. It started with this girl Shalay, well she was black ( obviously). But thing is she is SUPER black, like National Geographic black. Any way for some fucking reason that I will NEVER understand she thought that it would look cute to dye her hair blonde. Well more like gold ( or as Dora says Ghetto Orange) but weird thing is it was metallic. But, whatever who cares, point is that i called her Beyonce one day and she got so pissed that it wasn’t even funny. Well a bunch of people heard me call her Beyoncé. and they wanted to know why I called her that. and i couldn’t say because she was black with blonde hair because that’s racist. So i said is because she can sing ‘Single Ladies’ exactly like Beyonce so they decide the put her up on the stage and have an impromptu karaoke performance and it was amazing!!! I’m not sure if this is funny to you guys but to me this is the very definition of comedy seeing someone i can’t stand make an ass out of themselves…. damn… i think i really am going to hell


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