not acceptable

Posted: 11/23/2011 in Uncategorized
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so yesterday Guermo came into the house and everyone was picking on Raymond. Like we’re all prone to do. and Guermo told everyone to stop and i did but the rest (Jack and Sam) didn’t then fucking Raymonds dumb ass screams “Shut the fuck up, fucking faggots.” and i looked straight at Guermo who is totally gay ( but to be honest no one could tell cuz he’s not all flamboyant) and said “Holy fucking shit.” that’s when all hell breaks loose. All three of my dumb ass roommates start SCREAMING that word and to make shit worse they start calling each other queers and shit I’m looking at Guermo and i could see the hurt in his eyes then finally Guermo had enough and leaves then as soon as he does i fucking GO OFF on my idiot roommates. because it’s just not acceptable to use those words and i said that is just as offensive ad the N word (Raymond and Sam are black so i was hoping they would get it) and it just pissed me of more when Jack and Sams dumb asses denied saying it I’m like first off I’m not stupid and second off they use that word in everyday sentences how are they going to say they’re not using it when they’re mad.  idk that whole situation pissed made the fuck off. the thing that annoys me most is that they claim to be gay friendly and they have gay friends idk its just saying cuz that word shouldn’t be in their god damn vocabulary


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