Im truly sorry

Posted: 11/21/2011 in Uncategorized
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I was reading in article about drunk diving and it got me thinking of a time back in high school that i got into a car with my friend who had been drinking. To be honest i too was drinking so i wasn’t thinking all the way through, but still that’s not in excuse. I wouldn’t have got in that car. Thankfully nothing happened and no one was hurt but anything could have happened. I could’ve been dead now. I would never have graduated high school, gone to college, found a job i love, found someone i like a lot. I would never have met my stupid friends, never would have got to meet my older brother or sister in law or nephew. Oh my god, i would not be laying next to Shorty ( my dog). All because i wanted to ‘have fun’. To any of you that are reading this and have been affected by drunk driving, i want you to know I’m truly sorry for my actions.


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