So that was awkward…

Posted: 11/20/2011 in Uncategorized
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At my thanksgiving lunch at my work the regional chef who isb like my mentor he is showing me the ropes and shit calls me up in front of EVERYONE. And keep in mind in totally afraid of that because I’m not appropriate… at all. I once failed a speech for screaming “DON’T FUCKING RECYCLE!!!” because i got caught up in the moment. ( Side note: I’m not against recycling. Quite the opposite, i just doing believe on conforming to what society says, whether used what jeans you wear or how to dispose of your plastic.) i always get nervous and do something stupid like swear or saying something inappropriate. I don’t mean to it just happens. Well anyway he calls me up there and hands me $50 in ones and tells me to ‘Make it rain’ i mouth ‘ what the fuck is wrong with you?.’ I really hope the camera didnt pick it up. ( did i forget to mention this is being recorded?) So i turned all red and stand there like what the fuck do i do. Then he leans in for a hug so i have to hug him right i can’t be a douche bag on camera after he just handed me $50. Then he whispers in my ear “we’re going to go to the titty bar and you’re going to get your dick wet.” And keep in mind he’s been asking to take me to one for a while now and i always say no because my friend got pink eye from one once and i swore I’d never step foot in one. (True story by the way). It was probably one of the most awkward moment ever


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