Thou shall not be a Grinch

Posted: 11/17/2011 in Uncategorized
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My roommate Sam had been feeling on my damn nerves lately. Since the holiday season is upon us, he had been acting like a little bitch. All he even says lately is ” Fuck Christmas. Christmas is gay. There’s no fucking point.” Blah blah blah. And don’t get me wrong i get it. He either doesn’t have family or they don’t want him and it sucks especially during the holidays. You know, cuz until a couple of years ago i didn’t either have family either. But that’s no reason to v act like bitch. And i fucking snapped on him today cuts my brother and I were putting up the Christmas decorations¬† ( we’re not going to have time to do it after thanksgiving so we’re doing it now) and he comes in and is all ‘ who the fuck put this shit up’ and to be honest I’m not even sure what i told him but it was something like ‘shut the fuck up I’m sick of you talking shit about Christmas you’re going to have to get over it.’ Or some shit like that. I don’t know but his attitude was getting on my damn nerves


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