Peaks and valleys

Posted: 11/16/2011 in Uncategorized

Ok a little back info on me. I was a foster kid i was in care from 10 to 20 (i signed myself back in to avoid logging on the streets) but now I’m 21 and living on this…. I’m not sure what to call it …. is half foster home half halfway house… ok a better description is a homeless shelter for young people and it houses kids from 18 to 22 and i turn 22 in May, but i plan on leaving in March or April. In June i started a savings account and had like $350 in there but because i started this unpaid internship i had to take money out for bills and shit. Then they hired me and now i get paid. Only. Minimum wage but whatever is a start. Well i over draft 3 times keep in mind i don’t have over draft protection. So when i over draw they’re supposed to deny my card well they didn’t and now my bank wants me to pay $90 in fees. So i just transferred money from my savings to my checking to cover it. So now i have $153 in my savings. Then today i missed my mandatory therapy session so know i have to pay a $25 fine. It just seems like every time i try to save up some money everyone is hell bent on taking from me then today i put away $50 from my check then i went to get my other $40 to put in my savings then come to find out its either stolen or i lost it FML i guess what I’m trying to say is like is a series of peaks and valleys and i just have to wait this valley out and hold plan tool the next peak


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