I love Shorty

Posted: 11/16/2011 in Uncategorized
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This is going to be a personal blog. And frankly to some it might even sound kinda retarded. Growing up in the foster care system want easy, like at all. There’s nothing fun at all. But the worst thing is that no one gives a fucking shit about you. Like not even the tiniest bit, and even when you think they do, they do something to prove you wrong. So needless to say i never really knew what love meant. And i know to some of you that sounds like a life not worth living, but you can’t miss something to never really had. Well anyway the reason I’m writing this blog is because i just got of the phone with my sister in law and i noticed that Shorty ( my dog) was whimpering in his sleep then i started petting his side and he stopped whimpering. That’s when i realized what love is, it’s not what i thought it would be it’s not this overwhelming feeling of whatever, just not this butterfly in the stomach, it’s not this crazy ‘omg i would do anything for you’ blah blah blah. Its really simple actually i just looked at him and thought how there was no place in the world i would rather be, and there is nothing in the world I’d rather be doing then settings his side. That’s when it hit me. I love Shorty. I know is not the same as human love but I’m sure it’s a fucking start.


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