My obsessions

Posted: 11/14/2011 in Uncategorized
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Songs about death

I’m not sure why I’m so obsessed with it. The only person i can’t say i genuinely loved that has died would be my grandmother and she died when i was 8. And that was a long ass time ago. So why i play Evanescence at obnoxious levels. I have no idea.

My Dog.

I’m completely and totally obsessed with my dog. I even created him a Facebook and i was thinking of making him a twitter account. I watch him sleep and take pics and upload them to either Facebook or Twitter… I’m just obsessed… maybe i should talk to my therapist.

The Pretty Reckless

Amazing band. Enough said.

Rose Mcgowan

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rose Mcgowan!!! I’ve seen every movie with her in it! The only reason i haven’t seen The Pastor’s Wife is because it’s on Lifetime. ( aka the man hating channel.)


BEST SHOW EVER! I can qoute every line to every show on every session. I love Charmed!!! I own like all 8 seasons in the special edition book of shadows case. I watch it religiously. Like it’s not even funny i even watch it when it comes on TNT. I never get tired of it.


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