Mainsteam music

Posted: 11/09/2011 in Uncategorized
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Has main stream music always sucked or did lil Wayne kill music? Cuz it’s seems like every time i read facebook twitter or turn on the radio its lil wayne this or cash money that I’m fucking sick of it frankly cuz everyone and their fucking mom wants to be like lil Wayne or fucking lady gaga I’m like give me a fucking break. I can’t wait til everyone realized how over rated they are and gets over it. The main reason I’m really pissed at the trend in music is cuz it had infected even rock music have you not hard Evanescences new album its fucking disgusting. maybe mainstream music is like fast food you don’t realize how gross it is until you take it out of your life then when you try to integrate it back in your life you get sick from it being so hard to digest… idk just my thoughts cuz i stopped listening to the radio back in high school then i tried listening to it and everything sounds the same… i can’t tell katy Perry from fucking Hollywood undead everything is just so over processed and over autotuned and digitalized its gross and not to mention that it had the lyrical genius of a fucking nursery rhyme “eat her till she cry, thats what i call whine and dine.” (Lil wayne) “theres a stranger in my bed there’s a pounding in my head” ( katy perry) ” I’m just a holy fool but baby you’re so cruel I’m still in love with Judas baby” (lady gaga) do i have to go on? What happened to creativity? What happened to true originality? Not that bullshit shock value originality? Dear Lady Gaga, you’re nothing more than a mix between Marilyn Manson and Madonna. Dear Lil Wayne glory sound like a God damn goblin. Dear Nicki Minaj, you’re just a black L ady Gaga. Dear Katy Perry, take vocal lessons, autotune and harmonization will only work for so long, and your big boobs and pretty face are losing our attention span. Dear Drake, you were on degrassi to have no right to be taken seriously as a rapper, besides you’re Canadian.


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