Truth is

Posted: 11/08/2011 in Uncategorized
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Sam: Jack said he was going to find me a girlfriend…

Jack: oh yeah i did… does she have to be black? ( Sam is black)

Sam: Hell no I’m not in to black chicks. He could find one for you

Me: ( after i stopped laughing) No thanks i like being single. What’s wrong with being single

That’s when Raymond jumps in.

Raymond: Theres alot wrong with being single.

Me: Says the guy who NO ONE loves

Sam: people our age just rush into relationships.

Me: I know! They don’t even know who they are so how can they expect someone to love them. You have to know yourself to love yourself and if you don’t love yourself no one will love you.

Raymond: I love myself. Trust me.

Me: You’re the only one who does. Your own parents don’t even love you.

Raymond: You’re really fucked up.

I’m so mean to him because I’m going he will get sick of me and leave. Mainly so my friend can move in and take his spot


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