Lyans a dog fucker

Posted: 11/04/2011 in Uncategorized
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So my friend Jose came over cuz he locked himself out of his new iphone and needed Sam’s help getting unlocked he started talking me this story about how his friend (who i know through other mutual friends) got caught bearing off by his parents to Asian porn and i laughed my ass off cuz i heard that kid had been a porn addict. Then Jose asked what would i do if i walked in on someone beating off and i said that i’d freak out and spray them with the fire extinguisher and he laughed like a lunatic. Then he says he knows a girl who made her dog go down on her with peanut butter and i said how that’s fucking sick and i knew a kid who was into that and his name is Lyan Rawson (its not hard to fiure out his real name) and  our Macs synchronized and i could see all the things he downloaded from Limewire and i took screen shots cuz everything was like ’14  year old girl fucked by German shepard’ and sent them to everyone who knew him cuz not only was it sick cuz of beastiality but it’s fucking kiddy porn and naturally he became the outcast cuz that shit spread like wild fire i would post the pics but this was like 5 years ago… i was still in high school and Limewire was still active!!! And idk what happened to those pics… hence why i also changed his name (barely) i no longer have the proof


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