Thanks for understanding

Posted: 11/03/2011 in Uncategorized
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Last week i was sick and when I’m sick I’m more of an asshole than usual and i went to my friend/ neighbor Steve for some cough drops and i rang the door bell like 5 times  then i went home waited like 20 minutes then called he answered plan the first ring

Me: i love how you can answer your phone bit not the god damn door

Steve: i was taking a shit. Jesus christ.

Me: whatever I’m sick and i need cough stops. You got any

Steve: yeah but not for you

Me: fuck you I’m coming over

Then i hang up and realize how much of an asshole i was being so i go over there and

Me: look Steve I’m sick, so sorry i snapped at you ( many version of an apology…. which i never do buy the way)

Steve: Matt, i get it you’re an asshole

Me: thanks for understanding


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