Stranger danger

Posted: 11/03/2011 in Uncategorized
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As you read in may last post i was at Dollar Tree with Zach and Dora. We’re roaming this GIGANTIC store and i wander off as I’m prone to do and I’m in the air/ fabric freshener lane and this guy (I’m assuming he works there because he was putting things back where they go and shit and unless someone works retail they probably won’t give a shit how a store looks but once you work retail it becomes second nature to clean up even when you dont work there) well anyway I’m looking for a good smelling air and/or fabric freshener and he comes up to me and starts singing that fucking Rihanna song ‘We Found Love In A Hopeless Place’ or whatever the fuck and first of all i hate Rihanna and i hate love songs cuz they’re ALWAYS poorly written and over the top. so i gave him a weird look and walked away. I don’t care if he came up to me singing My Medicine by The Pretty Reckless (my favorite song at the moment) i would still have given him a weird look cuz you don’t go up singing to people you don’t know. now if one of my friends or family members were to do it then it would be cool or whatever but not strangers he’s luckly i didn’t mace him with generic febrezze and yell stranger danger at the top of my lungs


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