Scooby doo the right thing

Posted: 11/03/2011 in Uncategorized
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I accidentally stole another numbered tent from Whataburger i have like a shit ton of them i think i should return them but then I’m scared of the weird looks i will get from the workers i mean i know i shouldn’t care what they think because it’s not like i stole them on purpose cuz really what the fuck am i supposed to do with them? I’m not some kinda fucking weird ass horder or something… and another thing is one of my friends works there and i don’t want them to be like what the fuck… i mean we’re not like best friends or anything but i enjoy their company and they’re good people so whatever… but that’s not the point…. see and this is another reason i don’t want my real identity to be known i don’t want to be kicked out of Whataburger… it’s the only reason i haven’t left Texas yet…


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