My friend Steve

Posted: 11/03/2011 in Uncategorized
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In my last post i talked about my friend Steve what i failed to mention is what a fucking creeper he is and how fucked up our friendship is… he’s like 35 slightly overweight graying hair kind of an asshole and super funny he’s like an older version of me…. except for one thing he gets a kick of sexually harassing young guys not like kids but like guys my age and yes i realize it’s totally weird and kinda creepy and at first i didn’t want him near me but i kinda got used to it and whenever he pulls that shit with me i usually verbally abuse him in some way like one’s day i was speaking my new cologne (rockawear 9ix) and he said “you smell really sexy today.” And i told him ” Shut your God damn mouth, you fucking creeper.” Then another time i was raking my yard and he said ” you look so hot when you’re all sweaty.” And i told him ” Take one more step towards me and this rake is going up your ass sideways.” I would like report him or something if i didn’t know he was kidding. One time he said something like that to me in front of his girlfriend and she just laughed and told me to ignore him and he’ll stop. I just don’t understand why weird people gravitate toward me…

  1. I’m a werid person too, peopel need to warm up to me before they understand me. In theory like people are atttracted to each other so maybe you’re a bit werid lol. I usually hang around people who are interesting to me or seem like they need a friend. Good responses to this guy. In Canada you can report suspicious things to Crime Stoppers and they’ll keep a record. Maybe this person shouldn’t be a “friend” anymore.

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