Linda loves the muff

Posted: 11/03/2011 in Uncategorized
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So on Halloween my family decided to go out together so it was my bros Zach Jack my sis in law Dora my nephew Jake and my sis Linda well Linda is a lesbian it was a little awkward at first cuz Linda and i are not really on good terms ( mainly cuz she’s a lying sack of shit) but we put our shit aside to have a good time well we all get in liked to go to the haunted house well Jack calls Linda a fucking MUFF DIVER!!! And i die laughing cuz 1 I taught him that word and 2 is so random and out of the blue and she said ” what did you call me?” And i said ” he called you a muff diver.. which you are so don’t get mad.” Well she had to Google that shit cuz she had no idea what that means then when she found out she just shrugged her shoulders. Us Lozo’s don’t get fazed easily…


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