I’m a great brother

Posted: 10/29/2011 in Uncategorized
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So, I’m laying on my bed watching my dog sleep. I couldn’t help but noticed how peaceful and relaxed he looks. So peaceful, he actually looks dead. And that got me thinking of when I was younger I had a dog that died and i blamed out on my younger brother Martin. Ok, so we were still living with our dad so I had to be about 8 and that would make Martin about 4 or 5 depending on Wednesday time of year it was. Anyway or dad always served to have an endless supply of animals every time one would die another was brought in as its replacement. Well or old dog just got hit by a car. So Martin Linda and I were sad (Jack lived with our aunt… is a long story) so naturally our father got us another dog. We loved that dog it was just what we needed it had an endless supply of energy and it was awesome. Well we were eating watermelon and we knew the dog was hungry so Martin gave him the left over watermelon and he ate it all. Then the next morning we wake up with a dead dog in the yard. Me being the nurturing and sensitive and living brother i am. I asked Martin why did he have to kill the dog. And I blamed everything on him and he cried forever and it was AWESOME!!! Later I found out that it was just a sick dog and the watermelon had nothing to do with anything I just wonder if Martin ever figured it out f he even remembers at it all


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