Do I look like a goat fucker to you

Posted: 10/29/2011 in Uncategorized
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Alot of my stories are going to have something to do with Dora my sister in law ( who hates the name Dora by the way I only named her Dora cuz shes mexican… not to be racist cuz i am too but she’s like SUPER Mexican) mainly cuz shes insane … and we have similar personalities anyway a while ago were talking about something i don’t remember what and i say that i want a pet goat and i swear on everything i love with out missing a beat she says ” Why? So you can fuck it?” And Zack and I look at her and say “What the fuck is wrong with you?” And she laughs like is the funniest thing ever. Did i forget to mention we were at a fast food drive thru window… so the people on the other spouse of the speaker probably heard everything? This is my life.

Why God?

Why me?


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