Dora the sicko

Posted: 10/28/2011 in Uncategorized
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So I have been asking everyone I know what they think of my blog, and my sister in law said that it was fucking hilarious then she asks “How do u know wat Barney sperm looks like?” So I said  “I assumed!” than her sick ass said ”Ya right! Molesting Barney ! Did u tell him I’ll luv u if u luv me, we’re best friends lets touch peepee’s?” To which I replied “Wow. You are a SICKO!!! and this is going on my blog!” and I copied this straight off Facebook and posted it here… oh and then this bitch tells me if I get famous and make money off this blog I will have to pay her 10% because I’m using here “blonde moments” and to be honest here its more like her alzheimer moments cuz she is like in her 50’s…. ok not really shes like 35 or some shit either way she needs to be institutionalized… and yes, I do realize that she will read this. Besides I tell her that all the time


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