Good news

Posted: 10/26/2011 in Uncategorized
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This has been really fun. I didn’t think that my stupid stories would make people laugh so hard. I have heard a lot of good things about my blog so far and I’m hoping it stays like that. I’m not sure how many blog postings I will be able to do. I’m going to try to do 4 a week at the bare minimum. I’m shooting for 1 a day, but I highly doubt that will happen. But, who knows. So far I have gotten 32 veiws and its hasnt even been a full day more like 14 hours or some shit!!! I’m excited. The only thing is that I need you guy to spread the word about what I write here, because I only have 2 main ways to promote my blog and thats via Twitter (!/mattlozo) and my personal Facebook. I will tell people about it in real life, but let’s be honest here. I doubt they will want to read it, mainly because I’m kinda on the vulgar side of the spectrum and that bothers people. I’m not sure why, nor do I care, but you know the saying ‘if people don’t like you, they can eat your shit.’ No, you’re not familiar with that one? Neither am I. I just made it up. So yeah that’s it for now


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